Forest Whitaker plans Satchmo film bio

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Forest Whitaker plans Satchmo film bio

Postby props4pops on Thu Feb 25, 2010 6:41 am

Interview with Forest Whitaker from -

Are you going to get in the director's chair again?

FW: Next year in April I'm going to direct Satchmo, the Louis Armstrong Biopic. I am going to play the character. I won't play the whole of it, it starts when he's born. But a couple of people will be performing the character.

Have you done any casting?

FW: I haven't cast the movie. I probably shouldn't be talking about it because I'm still in the budgeting stages. I have ideas for casting, but I feel that as of now, every person I've approached to be on the crew who has read the script has attached themselves to it. I feel as though the same will occur with the actors because the roles are pretty amazing, really great characters. We'll see.

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