Cash Money Records Supergroup
The Hot Boys

"if you're comparing camps in the battle of New Orleans you would have to give the edge to the boys of Cash Money, particularly the all-star group Hot Boys." ... Joseph Patel of CDNOW

Hot Boys Guerrilla Warfare

In the streets of the Crescent City's infamous uptown section, the word "hot boy" is a term reserved for the illest brother on the block the brother who dresses the flyest and has all the girls. A "hot boy" is one who is made and paid by his wit and skills. No one fits this definition better than Cash Money Records' super group the Hot Boys. Comprised of New Orleans hip-hop veterans B.G., Juvenile, Lil' Wayne and Young Turk, four of the tightest rappers to ever come out of the Big Easy, the four-man lyrical assault team has quickly earned itself a reputation around the country.

Like so many other great hip-hop groups before them, each of the Hot Boys blend their unique signature sounds into a bubbling pot of musical gumbo. According to the boys, the mixture works like this: Juvenile, whose current triple platinum solo album 400 Degreez is still topping the charts after 52 weeks, serves as the elder of the group; B.G., whose fifth solo album, Chopper City In The Ghetto, was recently certified gold, is the straight street reporter telling spine-tingling tales of life in the UPT's (Uptown) infamous 226 (the slang term for New Orleans' 10th Ward). Lil' Wayne, who's solo debut will be released in November, is the urban folk poet capable of dazzling listeners with the sheer magic of his lyrical skills. And Young Turk is the mad man on the mic kicking cold lyrics that may be harsh and risqué, but always on point.

The legacy of the Hot Boys started when the four lifelong friends were asked to make a guest appearance on Juvenile's solo debut album, Solja Rag. The response was so strong that brothers Bryan and Ronald Williams, Co-CEO's of Cash Money Records, persuaded the four to start recording as a group and the group's 1997 debut LP, the sizzling Get It How U Live!, which sold over 400,000 copies in the south and mid-west. The album was so popular that it still scans approximately 100 copies a week with no video airplay or radio promotion.

The Hot Boys highly anticipated sophomore effort, Guerrilla Warfare, issued after Cash Money's distribution deal with Universal Records, was an instant hit. Produced by Mannie Fresh, Guerrilla Warfare contains bubbling joints like the blazing lead single, "We On Fire", which finds the Hot Boys ripping the mic behind a sizzling organ and bouncing beats. "Help" is another standout track with a catchy hook, scorching keyboards and irresistible beat. Heated bangers like "Bout Whatever", "Get Out The Way" and "Clear The Set" have packed dance floors across the country. Guerrilla Warfare has remained in the Charts since it's release in July, and it was certified gold in October.

Elaborating on the meaning of the album title, B.G. explains, "Guerrilla is another term for 'thug' or 'gangsta', and rather than referring to ourselves as thugs or gangstas, we decided to tag ourselves with a new name associated with a new movement".

With the release of Guerrilla Warfare, the Cash Money movement is well underway.

Universal Music Group (1999)

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