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Big Tymers photo by Jonathan Mannion "[Being a] BIG TYMER is a state of mind. If you're gonna do something, do it big time. If you're gonna get a car, go big time with it. If you're gonna go to school and graduate, go big time with it. A BIG TYMER is the one that's on top of his game. They are the leader, not the follower." - Mannie Fresh

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Bryan "Baby" Williams and Mannie Fresh, better known as the Big Tymers, know all about being leaders. Since 1997, this duo has been responsible for setting trends in Hip-Hop culture - from slang language to custom jewelry and cars. Their chart topping songs and cult classic videos have won them millions of fans and propelled them as bona fide innovators. Now the New Orleans dynamic duo is ready to unleash more of their unique style on the world with their new Cash Money Records CD, Hood Rich.

The Big Tymers and their Cash Money label-mates have introduced colloquialisms such as "Bling Bling," a catch phrase describing the illuminating effects of diamonds set in precious metals. Such phrases have become a staple of pop culture used by ESPN sportscasters, as well as talk show hosts. The materialism of a "big tymer's" lifestyle is one that reads like the Robb Report shopping guide; and the Big Tymers are proud to have set this trend in motion. Yet, they have the uncanny ability to make this otherwise disconcerting attribute into positive ambition.

"[Being] hood rich is an extension of the BIG TYMER philosophy. 'Hood rich' is making it happen, although you're from a bad situation," says Baby. "When you don't have anything, you want those things associated with those who do," he says. "[Being] hood rich is when you got a Benz but, nowhere to live; or a gang of Gucci, and your crib is tore-up," says Mannie. "Listen, we're just a couple of cats from the projects with a taste for fine living. We just spit-game [persuasive bragging and slick talking] and talk about the things that we're interested in. Those things just happen to be fine cars, fine jewelry and fine living," he summarizes, matter-of-factly! "We just spit about the things in life that excite us," continues Baby.

The two often shun the rapper moniker, but Baby and Mannie have wielded a great amount of influence in the Hip-Hop genre since their national arrival four years ago. Their brand of toasting and rapping has garnered them appearances on numerous gold and platinum albums by other prominent artists such as E-40, Missy Elliott, Jermaine Dupri, Three Six Mafia, Trick Daddy, Do or Die, and of course, their Cash Money label-mates, including multi platinum-selling artists Lil Wayne, Juvenile and, the Hot Boys.

Hood Rich's debut single, "Still Fly," is a testament to what the Big Tymers have introduced to rap music. Borrowing the "fly" concept from one of their rap heroes, Slick Rick, the Big Tymers reiterate their position as the spend thrift kings of the neighborhood, only dabbling in the finest things that life has to offer, all the while, maintaining their street edge. On this banger, Mannie Fresh went back to his 808's & delved deep into New Orleans' 1970s funk era to draw inspiration for his chords and drums, much like he did on "#1 Stunner," from the group's 2000 platinum album "I Got That Work".

As Cash Money Records' illustrious resident super-producer, Mannie Fresh has changed the face of popular music in the last few years, spawning Juvenile's 1998 quadruple platinum-selling 400 Degreez and several multi-platinum and gold releases by B.G., Lil Wayne, the Hot Boys, and the Big Tymers. Getting his start in the clubs and house parties of New Orleans, Mannie Fresh quickly became a pioneer in the city's hip-hop and bounce music scene as a DJ. His talent and notoriety led to producing the city's first major artist, <>Gregory D in 1987. Drawing his influence from hometown soul and funk legends like the Meters, Chocolate Milk Lee Dorsey, Neville Brothers, Eddie Bo and Dr. John, Mannie began working with more musicians to expand his ideas of how Hip-Hop, Funk and bounce could blend and mesh. That hybrid would soon become the Cash Money signature sound.

While Mannie was working on music, Baby and his brother Ronald Williams were just getting their start up label off the ground in 1990. Influenced by the earliest works of rap legends NWA, Too Short, UGK, and Eight Ball & MJG, Baby and Ronald sought to establish a roster of artists from the New Orleans area that would have the same regional and national success as the artists he admired. In 1991, Mannie Fresh came aboard to produce the label's initial line-up of artists - U.N.L.V., Tec-9, Ms. T - and a host of others, helping to create a burgeoning independent music scene for hip-hop in New Orleans.

As the Cash Money roster grew to include B.G., Lil Wayne and later Juvenile, the concept of the Big Tymers unwittingly began to form. The group became a reality in 1997 when Fresh and Baby had a guest feature on B.G.'s underground classic, It's All On U Vol. 2. The fellas went into the booth, started clowning around on the mic for an intro and the result sounded so good that the two decided to do a whole verse, and thus the Big Tymers were born. That intro set the Cash Money Records phenomenon in motion, with the Big Tymers going on to record the classic CD's How U Luv That? and their subsequent Universal Records debut How You Luv That? Vol. 2.

Like their previous releases, Hood Rich has its moments of comedy and outright trash talking. Take a listen to "Oh Yeah," "Hello," "Big," or "I'm Comin." The material and music lead to more outrageous moments than before. "We had to go all out and do something to catch people's attention because a lot of artists have built their image off what we brought to the game," Baby says. "We had to take big tyming to another level and have fun with it. When we talk about diamonds, cars, or commercial real estate, we are bringing a new understanding of why this lifestyle means so much. We just set up Hood Rich as a vehicle for introducing a whole new era of big tyming and setting new trends. Like the single says, we're still fly!"

Mannie Fresh believes that the timing of Hood Rich could not have come at better time. "Sept. 11 was a big thing in this country. It affected how people listen to music, and that should affect how I make music," he says. "Times change and people change with it. In these changing times, we want to keep things feeling good. So, what we're really doing is just being consistent. I can innovate on the original Cash Money sound and keep the people feeling good while all this madness goes on around the world."

It seems that the Big Tymer mentality is seeping beyond the confines of its originators personal walls. The group is eager to share their gifts to help the world, proving that being hood rich is an attribute. Get ready. The world will never be the same!

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